The Thing About Not Having it all Figured Out

Here’s one truth: We don’t actually have a blueprint of what’s in it for us in 15 to 30 years! No matter how much we carefully plan out to bring out the best in all the aspects of our life, things don’t always happen as we expect them to be. You see, there’s this thing called uncertainty. Scary, isn’t it? But what if I tell you, there’s more excitement that rings to it more than the anxiety it actually brings?

Your Two Precious Days in an Islamic Country: Passage to Brunei Darussalam

Most of the time, a lot of tourists, especially those who are first time travelers, really opt for countries that offer the exciting things . But I did it differently. Brunei Darussalam, or Abode of Peace, as its name speaks, offers you an escape from your busy urban life, and takes you to a different sense of self-discovery- that is finding peace within you.